Thursday, May 25, 2017


... because there has been some different system for qualification in use.....

If the Eurovision song contest semi-final qualifiers were very straight forward with top-10 qualifying from 2010 onwards, before it was a different story.
In 2009 only the Top-9 qualified while the 10th qualifier was chosen by a jury, to a criteria only known to themselves. And they surely used their power with variable success.....
In the first semifinal the qualifier would have been Macedonia's Next Time (10th) with Nešto što kje ostane. The jury decided to skip also the 11th one, Montenegro's Andrea Demirović's Just get out of my life and lifted to the final instead Finland's Waldo's People (12th) and Lose control, that then placed second to last, 24th, in the final. Of course as a Finn I was happy for the sudden turn of the things :-)
In the second semifinal it was ever more cruel: the jury chose Croatia's Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea with Lijepa tena that only placed 13th in the semifinal thus surpassing Serbian Marko Kon and Milaan with Cipela (10th), Ireland's Sinéad Mulvay & Black Daisy with Et cetera (11th) and Poland's Lidia Kopania (12th) with I don't wanna leave. Igor placed 18th in the final.  This blogger was quite happy here, too, as I liked Croatia a lot, a bit less Serbia and especially Ireland.....
In 2008 the jury actually did pick up as their joker the song that came 10th in the first semi-final. Poland's Isis Gee with Life. In final it finished second to last, 24th, just like Finland the year before. The 11th was Slovenia's Rebeka Dremelj with Vrag naj vzame, I would have sent into the final San Marino's very much underrated Miodio with fantastic Complice
In the second semi-final  10th was Macedonia (again!) with Tamara, Vrčak & Adrian and Let me love you. 11th was Bulgaria's Deep Zone & Balthazar with DJ take me away. However the jury picked up 12th placed Eurovision song contest 1999 winner Sweden's Charlotte Perrelli with Hero. A very understandable decision for many reasons. It went on to finish 18th in the final and avoiding the very first Swedish non qualification..... And it's still a great and remembered song - hands up who remembers either Macedonia or Bulgaria? Thought so....
Last but least we have 2007.  The current top-10 qualifies system was in use BUT there was only one semifinal and 28 songs in it. A. Total. Massacre. Poor Portugal placed 11th with Sabrina's Danca comigo, 3 points short of the final. Andorra's Salvem el mon by Anonymous was 12th, 11 points short and Iceland's Eurovision veteran Eirikur Haukson was 13th with Valentine lost. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


This year it  happened to Georgia and Serbia. The dreadful 11th place in the semi-final. As for Georgia it was pretty clear with 16 points missing but Serbia lost only with 3 points, and Switzerland was only 4 points away from a possible qualification. Let's have a look at the closest miss outs over the past years. The 2011 edition was very close with three songs one point shy of qualification, while in 2016 the qualifiers were more than clear with a huge margin to the 11th ones in the semi-finals.

Bulgaria 2012 - Sofi Marinova - Love unlimited
The only tie so far with Norway that qualified having been voted by 11 countries, while Bulgaria only by ten. So Norway qualified for the final and Bulgaria was left out....
Malta 2011 -  Glen Vella - One life
-1 point (placing 11th in the first semi-final)
Armenia 2011 - Emmy - Boom boom 
-1 point (placing 12th in the first semi-final, tie with points with Glen Vella)
Belgium 2011 - Withloof Bay - With love baby
-1 point (placing 11th in the second semifinal)

Croatia 2012 - Nina Badric - Nebo
-3 points (placed  12th in the second semifinal)

Serbia 2017 - Tijana Bogicevic - In too deep
-3 points (placing 11th in the semi-final two)
Switzerland 2017 - Timebelle - Apollo
-4 points (placing 12th in the second semi-final)
Finland 2010 -  Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki ellää
-3 points (placing 11th in the first semi-final)
Portugal 2014 - Suzy - Quero ser tua
-1 point (placing 11th in the semifinal one point behind Valentina Monetta)
Estonia 2014 - Tanja - Amazing
-4 points (placing 12th in semi-final behind Portugal)

(Please note the semifinals in 2011 had 19 countries, in 2012 and 2017 18 countries, 
in 2010 17 countries and in 2014 only 16)
Sweden - Anna Bergendahl - This is my life
Honorable mention for Sweden 2010 that lost the final with 5 points, being the only Swedish entry to do so (but then we have 2008 to look into later.....)


Milla Jovovich apparently was in negotiations to host the Eurovision song contest 2017 - just like Lady Gaga to perform as interval act - but the deal wasn't made in the end. Money. It's always about the money, isn't it?
Milla, a worldfamous model and actress was born in Kyiv in 1975, then Soviet Union as daughter of a Russian actress and a Serbian father. She however spent her childhood in Moscow and the family immigrated to London for political reasons in 1980, and moved on to Los Angeles soon after.
Milla has declared she feels more Russian than Ukrainian, having only born there but spending her early years in Moscow, so in this light it seems a bit unlikely Ukrainians would have chosen her at this time and place of the world so I label this "only rumors"....
Wasn't she rumored also in 2008 as a host for the Belgrade Eurovision?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


EBU has released today data of the viewing figures for the Eurovision song contest 2017 held in Kyiv, Ukraine earlier this month. A drop was expected as Russia decided not to broadcast it but the drop is less than this blogger expected so who needs Russia anyways?
The audience share remained the same as last year, 36,2% in the 42 markets of the competing countries. That's more than a double of the usual Saturday night prime-time share in these countries.
The online viewers more than doubled from 2016. Over six million viewers in 233 territories watched the shows on official Youtube channel and a total of 8,5 million on-demand. (Does that make it 196.500.000 viewers?)
The viewing figures broke records in both winner Portugal and runner up Bulgaria. Italy also did its best result since rejoining the contest in 2011. Host country Ukraine also did the highest figures in eight years. The highest share was once again registered in Iceland: 98%!
In general the Eurovision song contest once again attracted about four times more children and young adults  (4-15, 15-24, 25-34) years old) in front of the television than usually.
I guess we can call it a success despite or because of Russia after all..... and the UEFA Champions eague matches during the semifinals


The thing happened again this year. Like every year. Italians outrage for the neighbouring vote from Greece to Cyprus and vice versa for example, but at the same time they expect and demand votes from San Marino for Italy and yet themselves usually forget to vote San Marino (when they can). This year this war was taken to another level. San Marino's wikipedia page was altered right after for example, social medias were filled with hate and dislike towards the microstate and its jury was crucified. San Marino's vote was found nauseating, someone wished Italy cut their power supply for 48 hours to make all their food go rotten, someone wanted to tear the country down and make it a parking lot, someone didn't want to share his oxygen with Sammarinese, they wanted to build a wall around it, flush them down the toilet, move the country to Portugal.... have a military invasion to occupy them.... the list is endless. 
So much that Sammarinese couldn't take it as humor anymore but reacted. 
The Head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni wrote about it on SMTV's webpage, and President of the Sammarinese jury, Fabrizio Raggi defended himself and the jury fiercily in Facebook after the attacks towards them and him in person were reaching ridiculous dimensions. Corriere Romagna newspaper even went speculating Raggi, as President of the jury used it as his personal revenge for missing points from Italy for Valentina Monetta in 2013 and 2014, when he was the Artistic director for the act - and Valentina's close personal friend. One can check the votes, they are public and indeed he gave the max points to Gabbani, and any journalist should check his facts first. 
It worth remembering San Marino gave Italy 3 points, Portugal 12. Perfectly in line with the other countries and it wouldn't have made any difference even if they gave Italy 12 and Portugal 0. 
Capicchioni points his finger on today's "people on web" and the newspapers that are ready to accuse without knowledge, throwing ideas based on false facts etc. He found the threats of militar invasion, forbidding access to the sea and other stuff rather amusing at first and then continues writing about all the things the "people of the web" got wrong and even shameful, taking a full stand on the Sammarinese jury and its professionalism. Setting the facts right in short. Listing all the years in ESC and JESC that Italy and San Marino have been able to vote each other. Take a guess who's been more generous? And voting very much in line with the rest of Europe and final results?
And who hasn't? The one time San Marino was in the final (2014) and finished in midtable in most countries ... which country's jury placed it 26th?


Now this is just a rumor that got out now nd most likely untrue, but it's a fun one. Last year Stockholm got Justin Timberlake to perform for free apparently in exchange of the television audience of 200 miliion at the Eurovision song contest final. The purists didn't like it, and indeed what does he have to do with Eurovision, especially as he didn't even know what it was prior taking the stage really? Like as if Sweden didn't have world stars of their own to show..... But that aside, this year it could maybe have been Lady Gaga.
To claim that is Jamala's manager Igor Tarnapolsky who gossips he heard it from Eurovision 2017 producer Stuart Barlow himself... 
Anyways, it fall down to Lady Gaga's "free" performance as she demanded a rider of 100.000-200.000 dollars to make her spectacular performance. One can only wonder what she would have given us with that money....  certainly she would have fitted Eurovision a bit better than Mr Timberlake for sure being propably the most Eurovisionary performing artists in the USA there is.....
Instead we got a bit uninspired Ruslana.... It's always nice to see previous winners but.... well.... wasn't it a bit unspectacular?

Monday, May 22, 2017


So damn beautiful, that's what oh so many said when they first laid eyes on Jimmie when he was announced as Valentina Monetta's partner in crime for Eurovision song contest 2017 adventure. The spirits of the night may have failed to qualify, but their spirits kept on high and now it's time for Jimmie to release his solo album. Titled So damn beautiful. in fact. A total of 13 songs (incl. Viva forever, Model of the world and The color red) to showcase his voice, including one featuring also Marcin Patrzalek. 


Well, not in the official singles chart but in the official Download chart, week 20/2017.
But he's not the only Eurovision song contest act as also Blanche's City lights from Belgium enter the Top-10 at #10 and Italy's Francesco Gabbani's Occidentali's Karma appear at #17. 
The downoad chart is the fastest moving chart so one can expect there's no trace of any of them next week..... sadly. 

In Radio play chart Amar pelos dois enters at #55 and no sign of any other Eurovison songs in the Top-100..... 

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Eurovision 2017 is over and the artists come out with their follow ups....
Manel Navarro - Keep on falling
Ilinca - Amici
Francesco Gabbani - Tra le granite e le granate
Levina - Stop right there


While Lucie Jones has been enjoying a lovely relaxing bath....
.. and Alma has been on holidays enjoying the sun and the pool as well....
... Isaiah has visited both Paris....
... and Sweden where he picked up among other things a platinum disco for his debut single.....
... and Slavko relaxed by the lake - maybe dreaming of winning something eventually (and he did, the Barbara Dex award!)
... and Salvador and Luisa Sobral were invited to the Portuguese parliament for a standing ovation and congratulations....
.... while Alex Florea fired some accusations that Salvador used false technics to win Eurovision having problems with his head rather than his heart causing quite a stir among fans.....
... but he only followed Robin's example, who first voiced what most of us thought anyways: Salvador's winning speech about disposable fast-food music wasn't quite necessary and polite at that very moment and was easily understood wrong.....
.... as was Kristian's outburst right after the final when he in tears apologized Bulgarians for not winning and repeating he should have won and he was the best and then in the same breath saying Salvador was great and deserved to win. Quite confusing really....
But all is good in the end so let's change the page: Ilinca has cut her hair. Nothing else matters!
Except maybe this throw back photo of Norma John pre-Lordi days in Finland aka when Finland was still never won Eurovision. 2005 to be exact. 


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